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Java 9 Process API

Java 9 will come with interesting features . Here is a quick review of the new Java 9 Process API. Use Cases for the Java Process API These are probably some ways how we are using the Java Process API: To Install, configure or to communicate to other programs from Java: For example, I implemented a Java Installer to install the WebSphere Application Server into the system, and then I configure it by running a script coded in Jython executed the wsadmin tool. To install specific Operating System stuff. I didn’t find any other simpler way to install Windows start menu items from Java other than by doing it in a VBScript program. In my opinion, the Java Process API is in general used to integrate Java with other programs or processes. For example. I made a game in Blender and I implemented a launcher in Java. So, from Java I am calling the blender.exe passing the game.blender file as argument. Known Problems and Workarounds There are common issues in Windows when in